Roseland tea oolong tea

Organic Oolong tea category is the widest and most versatile category of tea. Just like all real types of tea, Roseland Organic oolong tea is made from the leaves, buds and branches of camellia sinensis plant. Oolong tea falls between green and black tea, with oxidation rate anywhere between around 10 to 90%. Some oolong teas may be almost fully oxidized, making them very close to black tea, while others are green and light. Unlike green tea, oolongs can contain full branches with leaves and buds. Flavor ranges from light floral tones to cinnamon, toasted bread, ripe fruit, and caramel notes.

The most popular oolong tea usually comes from Mainland China and Taiwan. Other countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and India produce oolong tea too. Each type is unique with flavor, scent and leaves matching the terroir. Taiwan is famous for its high mountain oolongs, all grown at altitudes higher than 1000 meters. High altitude, unique climate and cool weather bring complex floral, light and sweet flavors, often lasting for up to 10 infusions. Chinese dan cong teas are famous for hundreds of different notes and are harvested from big tea trees, rather than tea bushes.

roseland tea organic oolong tea